David Key

David Key here and I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!


You have just made a fantastic decision to invest in yourself and master new knowledge and high value skills that will help you to change the lives of others (not to mention your own!).


And I just know you’re going to love what you are going to learn.


I’m SO proud of our training programmes and I can’t wait to hear of the transformations you create in people!


Now, make sure you stay right here on this page…and that you don’t click the “back” button or close this window…


Rest assured, you’re in the right place and my team is getting your account all set up.


But before we finish getting it ready I have a very important question to ask you…


Because this is the only time that this will ever be available to you…

How would you like to get instant access to the professional recordings of a 7 day live event that was offered to people who went through the exact same training you have just bought in order for them to become the ultimate coach?

Here’s the thing…


You’ve signed up to learn how to change the lives of others.


You’ve shown me you’re committed to becoming a coach by learning N.L.P and life coaching.


Maybe you decided to learn hypnosis too.


And you likely want to be the best coach you can be so you can have the biggest impact on your clients, right?


Well that’s exactly what this event was all about…


After people had been through the initial training you have just bought they were offered the chance to attend a gamechanging live 7 day event on coaching.


I took the best of N.L.P….


The best of hypnosis…


The best of life coaching…


And the best of other methods of coaching such as THE most life changing approach to coaching I’ve ever found, the 3P approach…


… and combined them together in one event so that within 7 short days someone could go from being brand new to coaching to having some of the highest level personal development and coaching skills on the planet using this unique and cutting edge combination.

It was an accelerated learning event thirty years in the making.​

See, the really exciting part of the event was this…


When I certify people in N.L.P I have to teach the specific N.L.P curriculum (and I love it)…


When I certify people in hypnosis or life coaching I have to teach those specific curriculums (I love them too)…


But the problem is that, in the past ten years, I have learned powerful coaching methods from different approaches to coaching that aren’t hypnosis or N.L.P. or life coaching or in any of their curriculums…


…but DO create the most life changing transformations that I have ever seen in clients.


So I decided to do a special one off event…

And I took the most powerful methods for changing a life that I’ve discovered over the past thirty years in the coaching industry - and combined them ALL together into one seamless system anyone new or experienced to coaching can master FAST so they can create even better transformations in themselves and others.

People paid $2000 to attend that event live.


And since then hundreds of people have paid $1297 to access the recordings.


Want to see a short trailer for the recordings?


Watch this:

And here’s a handful of video testimonials from some of the attendees who attended the event live (we have a lot more of these but for the sake of brevity here’s a few in case you wanted to watch them)…

Right now you might be thinking, “David, I just bought some training from you. So why are you sharing this with me now?”.


Great question.


You now own the N.L.P and life coaching certification course (and possibly the hypnosis certification too).


They are world class trainings and if you just stick with those alone you will be a high level coach capable of transforming peoples lives.




If you want to be an elite level coach who gets the fastest and best results, in my opinion, you ideally need the combination of skills which you will master by watching the recordings of the live event.

The reason I can confidently say this is because this event is a combination of the best coaching information on the planet that I’ve found, all in one place, it will accelerate your journey to the elite level in days (rather than the decades it took for me to learn everything I share).

The event covers the exact way I coach people today, which uses this unique combination, rather than just N.L.P or just hypnosis.


Today I use this hybrid coaching approach with clients to create transformations that I could previously only have dreamed of.


So I thought I’d give those serious about becoming the best possible coach they can be a chance at adding the recordings of this event to their learning accounts right now only, at a massive discount to what the recordings usually cost, because this is a new relationship we are forming and I really want to blow you away!


If you choose to add this to your order you’ll gain instant access to the entire 7 day recordings covering topics like:


  • The only flaw I found with N.L.P and hypnosis and how to fix it
  • How a simple discovery made my coaching life and business easier than I could possibly have imagined
  • Why this unique combination is the most effective process for transforming someones life, and your own, that I have found in three decades of research
  • The reason I found more confidence in my coaching ability than ever before as soon as I combined these skills together
  • Exercises to blast past the resistance and self doubt that stops most coaches coaching
  • What “grounding” is and how this understanding changes the way you see a clients ability to transform forever
  • The difference between coaching “models” and changing lives with a simple conversation
  • How to help your client achieve the impossible using transformational insights
  • Applying this process to specific industries and problems
  • The art of charging thousands for your coaching whilst most coaches struggle to make above minimum wage
  • Live demonstrations of coaching sessions using this process
  • And a whole lot more!

These event recordings are fun, transformative, jam packed with lessons from my coaching experiences and a perfect addition to the training you have already signed up for (remember - the attendees had all been through the same training that you have just bought).


Quite simply, over seven days (or however long it takes you to watch them - take as long as you want or burn through them fast - up to you!), you will master a system of coaching that will pay off for a lifetime.


You can watch them before you go through the training you have just invested in, or after, totally up to you.


And what makes me so proud about this is that I paid $75,000 to learn just ONE of the approaches I will share with you in the recordings from one of the worlds top coaching experts…


The people who attended live paid two grand to be there…


Yet all I am asking you to invest today is just a one off payment of $127 to access the recordings of the entire 7 day event in its full high definition glory!


That works out at about four dollars a day for the next month (it’s worth sacrificing a Starbucks coffee a day to master elite level coaching knowledge and skills like these that will last a lifetime!).


But let me be clear…

Today, right now, is the only opportunity you will have to access these recordings at that price.​

Being blunt, I feel uncomfortable selling the seminar recordings at this low price.


However it’s my way of rewarding you for taking an exciting step on a new adventure.


After today, though, you’ll have to pay the full price of over a thousand bucks (and even at that price they are an absolute steal) should you want to buy them.


So the only time to add these recordings to your account at this one time low price is right now.


Which means I believe that, if you’re serious about becoming the best possible coach you can be  and this is within your price range, it’s a no-brainer.


Especially as it comes with a rock solid guarantee…


Add the recordings to your account today and if, any time within the next 30 days, you’re not completely blown away by them, simply email my team asking for a refund and you’ll get one without any hassles or questions.


So here’s what you need to do right now…


Click the button below and add the full 7 day Ultimate Coach event recordings to your account.


Within the next few minutes your account will be set up and you’ll receive an email with access to everything.


If you choose to not add the recordings to your account, that’s absolutely fine, you’ll receive an email with access to the training you bought on the previous page.


But please do realise that this really is a one off so you won’t be offered this elite level training at this rock bottom price ever again.


My advice? Add this to your order whilst you still can.


This is decades of information in one life changing event that combines all the best methods of coaching I have found into one seamless process and is an ideal addition to the purchase you just made.


You won’t regret it (and if you do, hey, you can get a refund!).


Whatever you decide, thanks so much for reading, and I look forward to being your guide on your exciting new adventure into the world of coaching…

YES! I want access to the high definition professional recordings of the 7 day Ultimate Coach event and understand it comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee!​


David is an absolute legend of a trainer. Highly Recommended.





Tommy Franzen

Dancer & Choreographer - Strictly Come Dancing / Mamma Mia

I am lucky enough to have worked with David both at his live events and on his online programmes. The guidance, knowledge, and unique understanding I gained shape everything I do with my coaching business.


Anthony Astbury

CEO, Whole Man Academy

David's course opened up an infinite number of ways for me to get the life I want, right now, today, and in the future. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in search of a new professional career or for those who simply want a happier life. Thank You!

Lucia Pohrebnyak

Entrepreneur and Coach

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