The Coaching Business Fast-Start Up Kit: I Want To Hand You EVERYTHING You Need So That You Can Sign And Transform Coaching Clients Who Happily Pay You $1K-5K+ For Just 8 Hours Of Your Time


... WITHOUT You Ever Having To Spend A Penny To Get Them, Master Any Confusing Online Marketing Or Even Have Your Own Website

David Key

It’s the ugly secret of the coaching world…


Something the industry would probably like to keep buried.


But the statistics don’t lie.


The truth is that, despite good intention and strong motivation, most

coaches make less than the minimum wage in their coaching business.


They work their backsides off…


…and yet they end up making less than a teenager flipping burgers in a fast food restaurant.


Embarrassed and confused, they often give up on their dreams of a thriving coaching business and go back to their “regular” job or giving up on ever quitting it in the first place.


Painful “I told you so’s” and fake pity ringing in their ears.


Does that sound right to you?


That good people who just want to get paid to change other lives end up struggling so much?




Me neither.


But it’s an undeniable FACT.


The question is - why?


Why do most coaches end up making less than the minimum wage?


And what can be done about it to ensure it doesn’t happen to you?


See, the only reason you’re on this page is because you’re interested in coaching and read my coaching emails.


And I’m guessing you’re either already a coach, or thinking about becoming one, and that you don’t want to end up struggling to make ends meet and adding to the already shameful statistic of near industry wide failure.


Which is why I strongly encourage you to read every word on this web page - today.


Because I’m going to be sharing with you the shocking truth behind why coaching businesses fail…


…and a simple solution to follow to ensure that yours doesn’t.


In fact, if you follow what I’m about to teach you, you’ll not only have a thriving coaching business…


…you’ll likely get to the point you’ll have to either turn away clients, or start charging serious premium prices, in order to keep up with demand for your services.


Even better - you’ll do it by doing the exact opposite of what most coaches are being taught so you’ll never have to worry about feeling sleazy or high pressure when it comes to getting clients.


We’ll get to that right after I explain…

Why Most Coaches Are Working Harder Than Necessary And Getting Paid Less Than They’re Worth

What I am about to share with you runs counter to what most are being taught about coaching and the business of coaching.


So, why should you listen to me?


Apart from being a father, husband and an average golfer...I was the very first ANLP Accredited Trainer in the world. 


I was personally invited by the President of the American Board of Hypnosis, Dr. Tad James, to become an Internationally Accredited Master Trainer of Hypnosis over a decade ago.
More recently was the recipient of the prestigious APCTC Outstanding Achievement Award, 2015 which was for "outstanding contribution to the coaching industry".
In 2018 along with an Enterprise Award for Most Inspirational Life Coach 2018, my book "Joyride - One Life.Three Principles.Infinite Potential" reached No.1 in nine Amazon categories and was voted Best Empowerment Book.
My clients include Olympic Gold Medalists, Professional Golfers, Multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, Dancers and people from all walks of life.
And I likely charge more than most coaches on the planet. At £1K an hour, or £12K for a three day intensive with me, I know a thing or two about selling high end coaching:

Chances are you’ve seen the quality of my training through buying one of my courses on N.L.P or hypnosis so, hopefully by now, you know I can be trusted.


In fact, it was precisely because of my experiences as an N.L.P and Hypnosis based coach and trainer that I discovered the root cause of why most coaches struggle to make ends meet…

The Brutal Truth About Why Most Coaches Have ZERO Idea How To Grow Their Coaching Business

People desire to become coaches because they want to master skillsets that enable them to help transform the lives of others and get paid for doing so.


In order to do that they will go and look for certifications and training in order to master those skillsets.


But this is where we hit a problem…


The certifications and training in how to coach others do not set people up for business success.


Yes, the certifications can help you develop powerful coaching skillsets.


But, in terms of business success, they actually often point you in the wrong direction and down a painful and costly dead end.


In fact, as you’ll see shortly, most certifications and training courses for coaches end up programming the coach to think about business in a completely flawed way.


A way in which having business success, let alone lasting business success with a thriving coaching practise, becomes like swimming against the strongest of tides.


The reason for this is pretty simple when you think about it…


The certification and training companies are experts in helping people to master coaching but not growing a coaching business.


They’re experts in coaching…not business strategy.


Which means the coach ends up knowing how to coach people but having little to no idea how to actually get people to want their coaching services.


How can I prove this to be true?


Remember that statistic I shared earlier…


Most coaches make less than the minimum wage.


It’s NOT because they’re awful coaches.


It’s because they’ve got little to no idea how to really grow a successful coaching business and because of that they end up making common mistakes that cripple their chances of success…

Charging By The Hour…One Off Sessions…Hard To Market…Not Charging Enough…You’re Being Set Up To Fail!​

Let me give you some examples of how the advice in the majority of coaching training schools and certifications sets you up to have a really tough ride in growing your coaching business…


Mistake Number One - Don’t Know How To Communicate Their Value


You’re not taught how to powerfully communicate what it is you do.

The painful truth is no one wants a “life coach” or an “N.L.P practitioner” or “hypnotherapist”.


What they want is a solution to their problems and a way to meet their goals.


But coaching schools and certifications don’t help you at all, or enough, with this.


And so you end up struggling to be able to help others see how valuable your new skillsets are.


Mistake Number Two - Charging Per Hour


You are taught that if a client comes to you for a session you should charge them per hour.


So if a client hires you for one hour, you get one hours worth of pay.


This is the absolute wrong thing to do for both you and your client.


More on that shortly.


Mistake Number Three - One Off Sessions


You are taught techniques and strategies that will likely result in one off sessions with clients.


They have a problem…


They come to you…


You help them to overcome it in a session…


…and they leave.


That sounds good, right?




You’ll see in a moment why you are doing both yourself and the client a disservice if your focus is on one off sessions.


Mistake Number Four - Not Charging Enough


Ah - now this is a big one!


If you charged enough then charging clients per hour and one off sessions aren’t too big a problem.


But this isn’t what happens…


For most coaches they feel uncomfortable charging a lot because they’ve been taught to set up their business incorrectly which ends up with them not truly understanding their value.


So they end up charging very little for their coaching sessions…and often up only working with a client for an hour or two…which means they might make a hundred dollars or so per client.


It’s the combination of these four mistakes that creates a BIG challenge for new coaches…

This Image Sums Up Why Even Highly Skilled Coaches End Up Confused, Overwhelmed And Struggling To Make Ends Meet…

Check out the image below because these four mistakes have a direct impact on each other…

See, if you struggle to communicate your value you will struggle to get enough people interested in your services.


If you struggle to get enough interest…and then charge a little amount per hour for those who are interested…but only for a one off coaching session…


…you can see why most coaches are making minimum wage, despite working their backsides off, can’t you?


They’ll end up on an endless hamster wheel of trying to get new clients…who won’t pay them enough…and won’t stick around for long.


And these are only four common mistakes new coaches make due to the way the business side of coaching is taught (or not taught!) in certifications and coaching schools.


There’s more!


But you can see why so many coaches are tired…burning out…frustrated…embarrassed and overwhelmed.


Just like I was.


Until I stumbled upon how coaching businesses should really be built…

I’d Uncovered The Business Set Up Of The Worlds Highest Paid Coaches Who Work Less But Earn More…

I’m a HUGE fan of the world of N.L.P, life coaching and hypnosis.


I used those skillsets to change lives of clients who did find me and I was so proud of the success stories and impact I had created.


But, business wise, boy was it a struggle at times.


Sleepless nights…


Fear of unexpected bills coming through the door…


Always wondering where the next client would come from…


Always wondering when they’d come along…


Always wondering how long they’d hire me for and dreading it being a one off session…


I’ll be honest, many time I considered jacking it all in and going back to “normal” work.


The thing that kept me in the game, though, was that when I did get clients I absolutely loved working with them.


And so, rather than giving up on work I was so passionate about, I used the concept of N.L.P and modelling successful people to reverse engineer what the most successful coaches in the world did.


I spent months and months and a fortune in hiring experts and master coaches…


…and then I found the answer.


It was both exciting and scary at how different their approach to their coaching business was to mine.


See, at the time and without knowing it, I was making those four mistakes I just mentioned…


I didn’t know how to properly communicate the value of my coaching…


I was charging per hour…mainly for one off sessions…and I wasn’t charging enough…


When I compared how I was doing things, to how the world’s highest paying coaches were, it became very clear that there’s an easy way and a hard way to approach the coaching business.


And I’d been taught to do it the hard way…


See, the highest paid coaches are the highest paid NOT because they’re the best.


It’s because…

They Know How To Get People Excited About  Coaching Packages NOT Coaching Sessions​

Listen up because this is a game changer if you understand this concept…


Coaching schools and certifications end with the coach thinking about and selling coaching sessions.


This is why new coaches think in terms of charging per hour.


But coaches who have the easiest life don’t sell coaching sessions…


…they sell coaching packages.


A coaching package is a series of hourly sessions.


Might be four…six…ten…


Doesn’t matter.


But it isn’t a one off session.


The client commits to a series of sessions which allows the coach to charge more than they would have been able to had it been a one off session.


And the client has an increased chance of a successful transformation because now the coach has longer to work their magic!


There’s another vital element to the highest paid coaches success though…


They focus their coaching packages around a specific, tangible benefit.


The best way to explain this is to give you an example…


“I’m a life coach”.


“I’m an N.L.P certified coach”.


That’s more or less how new coaches approach things.


They focus on the description of their role without a timeframe and potential clients struggle to see the benefit of it and are therefore less likely to move ahead.


“I help people develop bulletproof confidence in six weeks”.


“I help people overcome their anxiety in 8 hours”


“I help people to fall in love with their partner again in ten short coaching sessions”.


That’s how the highest paying coaches do things.


They focus their packages on a specific outcome in a specific timeframe they can provide a client.


Which means they can charge more and clients are happy and excited to pay it because they can truly see the value of what is being offered and there is a tangible end goal in sight due to the time frame.


So whilst many coaches are struggling to get people to pay $50 for an hour

because they don’t know how to communicate value…


…coaches like myself have things much easier because we are selling premium coaching packages (I'll give you an example of one of the packages I sell shortly to make this even more clear).


But the highest paid coaches don’t stop there...

Then Their Clients Go From Structured Coaching Package To Ongoing Retainer…

This next step is optional but you’ll see how it transforms your business even further if you do implement it…


Let’s say you sell a coaching package around increasing confidence for $1000 that consists of 8 one hour sessions with you (you can charge much more than that but I want to keep things at a more “realistic” level for most people now).


Over the course of 8 weeks you get on the phone with the client (or meet them in a coffee shop or coach them over skype/zoom) and help them to improve their confidence.


You have two options after those 8 weeks are up…


You can end things there…


…or you can make a “retainer” offer.


This is where the client continues to be coached by you on an ongoing basis for, let’s say, $500 per month.


See here’s what happens…


In the initial coaching package you are showing them your skillsets and

helping them to transform.


You’re also developing a relationship.


And many clients will feel deeply disappointed when the coaching package is complete.


They’ll have experienced growth and see you can help them become who they want to be.


Which means they’ll want…




You’ll have become a trusted advisor who they see as someone they want in their lives to help them navigate challenges and achieve their dreams.

So they’ll want to continue on their journey with you.


Not offering package clients an ongoing retainer is actually doing them, and you, a disservice.


Especially because making the offer can be as simple as…


“Just so you know, I do offer an option of ongoing coaching for everyone who’s been through the coaching package you’ve just completed. Let me know if you’re interested”.


No hype or sleaze needed.


But you’ll find that clients will be more than happy to sign up!


Not all of them, of course.


Some will just be happy with completing the coaching package.


However enough will want ongoing coaching for you to build up a solid monthly recurring income which will give you the peace of mind that so many coaches lack because you know xxxx amount is coming in next month from your ongoing coaching clients.


So, again, offering a monthly retainer isn’t vital.


But it’s one of the things the highest paid coaches do once their initial coaching package is finished with a client.


Is this starting to make sense to you?


Because things become even more clear when you look at...

Really stop and look at that…


Which side of the table would you rather your coaching business be built around?


It’s SO obvious when you see it, isn’t it?


And this isn’t even including the option of the extra monthly revenue coming in from clients who sign up to an ongoing monthly retainer.


This, my friend, is the real reason so many coaches are making less than minimum wage…


They cannot get enough people interested in their services…


And when they do they sell one off hour coaching sessions…


For not very much at all…


All because coaching certification and training companies focus on teaching them coaching skillsets that end up with them focusing their business around a flawed strategy.


It’s sad.


But it’s a fact.


Remember - the statistics don’t lie.


Right about now coaches I share this with, both new and seasoned, have a stark realisation…


“This is what I need to be doing David. It makes total sense! But…I have no idea how to do it!”.


Don’t worry because…

I’ve Done ALL The Thinking For You…​

I’ve been on one hell of a journey in my career as a coach and trainer over the past 31 years…


And about 10 years ago I stumbled upon an unusual approach to coaching that shook my world to the core.


I kept hearing of N.L.P trainers and experts who were either completely transitioning to this different approach…


…or adding it as an extra tool in their coaching and training toolbox to become even better at changing the lives of others.


It was being used by coaches to coach multi-millionaire’s, Hollywood celebrities, elite level athletes…and of course everyday folk too.


But what was so strange about this approach is that it didn’t use any techniques or strategies like N.L.P, hypnosis and other common coaching methods did.


Instead it focused on a simple type of “conversational coaching” where you share some simple but life altering understandings with a client.


And unlike N.L.P or hypnosis, which generally focuses on trying to change specific beliefs or phobias or emotions…


…this different approach created transformation across the clients entire life.




Here’s a simple way to understand it…


N.L.P and hypnosis focuses on changing peoples thoughts and emotions…


This unusual type of coaching focuses on changing people's relationship with their thoughts and emotions.


See the only problem I found with N.L.P and hypnosis was helping a client was like a game of “whack-a-mole”.


You’d help them shift one thought or emotion that would cause them trouble…


…but weeks or months later another one, often in a different area of their life, would pop up and be a problem for them.


This new type of coaching was different…


Through a series of simple conversations you help someone see their thoughts and emotions in a totally different way.


And now, whatever thoughts or emotions crop up, they feel OK with them because their relationship with their own thoughts and emotions have changed.


No more game of “whack-a-mole”.


By sharing some simple understandings with a client you can make changes across their entire life…rather than in a specific area.


That’s why so many N.L.P trainers and practitioners were either adding it to their toolbox or focusing just on using this different approach.


All of this brings me to what this invitation is all about…


I’ve combined this unusual coaching approach, with a little N.L.P and hypnosis skills, to create what I believe is the ultimate coaching package any new or experienced coach could ever offer…

Reactivation Coaching Packages: 7 Life Changing Conversations You Can Charge £1000 - £5,000+ For…​

Remember how we want to focus on selling coaching packages NOT one off sessions?


And remember how we want to charge well for it and be able to powerfully communicate the value of it?


Well here’s what’s so exciting about what I have done for you…


I have designed seven coaching sessions that you can share with any client - no matter what the presenting problem they want to overcome or dream they want to achieve.


Each of these coaching sessions focuses on sharing a simple understanding with a client that will radically change the way they see themselves, the world, their thoughts and their emotions.


Rather than sessions you can think of these as “shifts” - because you will be shifting the clients perspective dramatically…


Shift One - Changes the way the client see’s their thoughts and emotions.


Shift Two - Changes the way the client see’s their own potential.


Shift Three - Changes the way the client reacts and responds to any challenges and stresses in their life.


Shift Four - Changes the way the client see’s their past, their future and trying to control the world around them.


Shift Five - Changes the way the client makes decisions about their problems or dreams.


Shift Six - Changes the clients levels of contentment and inner peace.


Shift Seven - Changes the clients relationship with other people.


Again, it doesn’t matter what presenting problem or dream a client comes to you with, you take them through these seven shifts and they will totally transform because their relationship with their thoughts and emotions, and how they react to them, will be completely different.


Each of these coaching sessions uses the 3P approach, combined with metaphors, rapport, language and more from N.L.P and hypnosis, to create an experience that will change the entire trajectory of the clients future.


And because these sessions are all so powerful you should be charging at least 1K-5K for the entire seven session coaching package.


Just to put this in perspective - I now charge £12K for my coaching packages and people happily pay it (because it’s easy to communicate the value of something like this).

Also, after the seven shift sessions, if you wish to, you can then offer ongoing coaching where you can continue to use your coaching skills in N.L.P, hypnosis, life coaching, 3P or any other form of coaching you have mastered.


Either way - I can provide you with…

EXACTLY What To Say Each Week In Order To Create Lifelong Transformation In Your Clients​

Want to hear another little known fact about the coaching industry that it likely wants kept hidden?


Most coaches who get certified never end up coaching anyone!


It’s painful, but true.


Want to know why?


It’s because…


They’re intimidated by the uncertainty of not knowing exactly what to say with a client.


“What if I say the wrong thing?”


“What if I can’t help them?”


“What if I actually make them worse?”


"What if they have a problem I've never dealt with before?"


"What if I make a fool of myself?"


And, hey, I can understand that.


That’s how I certainly felt when starting out my N.L.P  coaching career.


So you can do what I did, and move forward in spite of that uncertainty…


…or you can tap into my 31 years of experience in coaching and just follow the simple, easy-to-repeat coaching structure I’ll give you.


I will tell you exactly what to say in each of the 7 coaching conversations with your client…


…and you’ll see for yourself just how much they transform.


No guesswork…


No uncertainty…


No fears of saying or doing the wrong thing…


Just follow the structure of each session…say what I tell you to say…and the client WILL be a different person within seven weeks.


They’ll be so blown away they’ll be telling all their friends and family that they need to get coached by you (which will kickstart a referral process where clients come to you rather than you having to go out and find them!).

But Don’t Take My Word For It! Look At What These Coaches Said About Their Experiences With Their Clients…​

I’ve been training coaches how to change lives with this simple conversational coaching process for two years now (Although this is the first time I’ve also created the entire package and exactly what to say in each session for coaches!).


Check out what they say about their conversations with clients below.


This is a TINY handful of feedback we’ve had…

Would you love to be changing lives like that too?


Then I’m pretty certain this will be of extreme interest to you…

Here’s Exactly What We Will Cover In The Ultimate Coach Reactivation Programme…​

I’ve put together an 8 week training specifically for people who want to be able to sell premium coaching packages that are pre-planned and you know will create life altering changes in any client that comes to you.


It combines 3P coaching, N.L.P and hypnosis to create the “Ultimate Coach” who reactivates a clients innate resilience, strength.


Here’s what we’ll cover…


  • How To Get Clients You KNOW You Can Help In Advance Of Working With Them…
  • How to Kickstart The Referral Machine So Clients Rave About You To Others…
  • How To Get Clients You KNOW You Can Help In Advance Of Working With Them…
  • The Simple Art Of Building Bulletproof Rapport And Fast Trust With Every Client - Effortlessly…
  • The EXACT Things To Say In Every Session Of Your Coaching Package In Order To Create Mind Boggling Transformations In Your Clients…
  • An Understanding Of Why These Sessions Create Such Life Altering Experiences For Your Clients So Your Confidence Skyrockets…
  • The 3 Books I Recommend That Will Help You To Get All The Clients You Want - For FREE and using a FUN process that requires ZERO marketing expertise…
  • How to Kickstart A Referral Machine So Clients Rave About You To Others And Bring In A Consistent Stream Of New Potential Clients…
  • Exactly How To Communicate The Value Of Your Coaching So People Are Desperate To Sign Up…
  • The Easy Way To Demonstrate How Transformative Your Coaching Package Will Be So The Client Experiences Transformation Before They’ve Even Paid You A Penny…
  • And much, much more!

By the end of the 8 weeks you’ll know EXACTLY what to say in each session with a new client and have a ready-to-go coaching package you can confidently offer to the world.


How much should you charge for it?


Well I advise you 1-5K for it to start with.


If you wish to charge less at first, as you get more comfortable, that’s totally fine.


But realise the value of this to a client far, far exceeds even 5K because it will empower them for the rest of their life to handle stress better, feel more content, overcome challenges with ease, reach their potential and a whole lot more.


Also, a little coaching secret for you, the more people pay you the more committed they will be to the transformation and the more they will listen to you as there’s more “skin in the game”.

From Confusion To Total Clarity And A Coaching Business Set Up To Soar - Within 8 Short Weeks…​

Let me paint a little picture for you…


Imagine it’s eight weeks from now.


You’ve gone through the training and have experienced the shifts for yourself.


Just by going through each weeks session and learning the different understandings to share with clients yourself - you feel like a different person.


More content…more confident…more capable…more resilient…more at peace…

The proof is in the pudding and you now feel absolutely certain that this approach to transforming others is priceless.


You also know exactly how to go out and get clients without having to spend a penny or do any confusing not to mention sleazy, marketing stuff (more on that in a second).


Knowing the impact you can have, and exactly what you need to say in each session, you kick into action and follow the process.


Soon you’ve got your first client lined up.


You excitedly share with them week one…


At the start of week two’s call you ask them how they are…


“I can see exactly what you were talking about last week. Oh my God it’s so true! I didn’t realise that about my thoughts and feelings before. Thank you!”.


You smile confidently to yourself knowing this is just the start of their transformation!


You share week two’s understanding with them and then the following week…


“I actually cried after last weeks call. It felt like a weight was off my shoulders. I can’t thank you enough”.


“My pleasure” you say. “Ready for this weeks shift?”.


“Hell YES! I’m loving this!”.


Each week you have a simple conversation with them…


…and each week they transform a little bit more.


After the end of the seven weeks there a different person.


They’ve shifted in the same way you did and now they’re like a different person.


“I’ve loved every second of this” they tell you. “Is that the end of my coaching with you or do you offer anything else? And also…my friend Kate has seen the transformation in me and would love to get coached by you too if you have availability”.


You sit back in your chair and feel like your heart is about to burst.


This is what you were put here to do and you finally feel confident that, not only can you do it, but your business is set up in a way for you to be one of the few coaches who actually thrives…


That feels good right?

How Much Would It Be Worth To You To Be Able To Command £1000 - £5000+ Per Client For Your Coaching?​

How much would experiencing all of that be worth to you?


How much would it be worth to you to have sky high confidence that you can create life altering transformations in any client who comes your way (and also feel extremely confident you can get those clients in the first place!)?


How much would it be worth to you to escape the hourly rate coaching approach and the fear of when and where your next client will come from?


How much would it be worth to you to be able to charge 1-5K+ for your coaching packages knowing, without question, the client is getting an absolute bargain?


If you’re like most coaches I speak to the answer is it would be pretty priceless.


Because this is your dream and what you feel you were put here to do.


The good news is, despite the fact I could be charging tens of thousands for this, I’m not going to.


You can take the full 8 week training and within 8 short weeks have everything you need to sell coaching packages for 1-5K…


That’s it!


Which means if you get just one client at 5K - you’ve had a crazy return on your investment.


But even if you got just one 1K client - you’ve made your investment back.


Even better…


This is a skillset that will last the rest of your life.


It’s not going anywhere.


And, trust me, the demand for this kind of expertise is going to keep growing and growing and growing.


Which will make you a scarce resource - someone who can do something

extremely valuable that few others can.


Let me throw in some extra goodies for you to make this even more of a no brainer for you…

Bonus 1: How To Get As Many Clients As You’ll Ever Need - For Free…

The coaching industry has been deluged by marketers.


They’re going to tell you that the “trick” to getting clients is to post endlessly to social media…or use SEO to get your web site ranked in Google…or run Facebook ads…or try to get followers on Instagram…


You don’t need to learn about or do any of that (unless you want to).

Most coaches are relieved about that because they find the world of marketing confusing and often lacking any empathy.


Instead you’ll get an hour long session where you’ll hear me talk about what I call the “Magic” book for coaches.


This is a book that will teach you exactly how the worlds top coaches get clients for free and it’s book I wish was around when I was scrambling for clients!


You’ll learn a simple process for creating clients out of thin air, wherever you go, in a way which you’ll be so proud of.

The one caveat with this is that, in my opinion, the coaches business needs to be set up correctly in order to make this work as effectively as possible.


By the time you’ve gone through the 8 week training you’ll be ready to put this book to work and get those clients you now know how to transform!

Bonus 2: Your Own Ready To Go Client Getting Web Site!​

This is optional…


Especially if you follow the client getting approach we’ll talk about in bonus 1.


You really don’t need to have a web site to get clients.


However - it does add to your credibility.


In this bonus we’ll give you exactly what to say on your web site so you stand out from every single coach out there (even other coaches in this programme - so you never have to worry about competition) using a simple but powerful storytelling process that will have potential clients begging to have you coach them.


We’ll also show you exactly how to get it built for peanuts - yet it will look so professional and beautiful people will assume you spent $5000 or more on it!

Bonus 3: Over 2 Years Of Weekly Chats On Coaching And Transforming Others​

Imagine being able to sit down with me over a coffee or tea or glass of wine each week and hear me share experiences about coaching clients, your own personal development, working with the world’s top coaches and more.


Think that would be valuable?


Well now - you can!


You’ll be able to access two years worth of videos I recorded for one of my coaching groups - with each video about an hour long on average.


You’ll see me answer questions…coach people…share stories and much, much more.


Again, these are optional, but if you want something to listen to on walks or drives that will help you improve as a coach - these are for you!

Trial It For 30 Days And Pay Nothing If You Can’t See Just How Much Easier And More Effective Your Coaching And Business Will Be…

So with done4u coaching packages you can charge 1-5K for…


Training on how to offer and deliver ongoing retainer offers so you have a regular monthly income coming in…


Bonuses showing you how to get clients for free…a premium personal brand web site…2 years of recordings of weekly chats with me and other coaches for you to listen in on and learn from…


There’s only two things that I think might stop you from signing up.


The first is price.


Unfortunately I’m already selling this way, way below its real value.


And I also only want to attract committed coaches to this - not the tyre kickers.


So if the price is beyond your reach, I apologise, and suggest you focus on my N.L.P or hypnosis trainings.


However if the price is within reach, but you’re hesitant due to being burned in the past (we’ve all had bad experiences buying something that doesn’t deliver), let me put your mind at rest.


Sign up today and you’ll get immediate access to week one of the training.

Over the next four weeks go through the training and experience the transformations yourself (they happen fast!).


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David is an absolute legend of a trainer. Highly Recommended.





Tommy Franzen

Dancer & Choreographer - Strictly Come Dancing / Mamma Mia

I am lucky enough to have worked with David both at his live events and on his online programmes. The guidance, knowledge, and unique understanding I gained shape everything I do with my coaching business.


Anthony Astbury

CEO, Whole Man Academy

David's course opened up an infinite number of ways for me to get the life I want, right now, today, and in the future. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in search of a new professional career or for those who simply want a happier life. Thank You!

Lucia Pohrebnyak

Entrepreneur and Coach

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