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Do You Know How To Free Yourself From Negative Thoughts, Feelings And Habits? If Not, Then For Only $7 This Training Will Teach You The Entire NLP Toolbox So That You Never Need Get Stuck Thinking, Feeling Or Doing What You Don’t Want To Again!

A full training in the NLP curriculum like this usually costs thousands and I charged that much for this exact training for years. But today you can get it for just $7 - less than the price of just one personal development book! Let me explain why…

David Key

From the desk of David Key.

Award Winning Master Trainer,

Coach and #1 Bestselling Author

Dear Friend,


Today I want to hand you a “superpower” that you will benefit from every single day…


This superpower, quite literally, saved my life…


Which is why I’m on a mission to spread it to as many people as possible.


But more on that in a second.


First though let me ask you this eye-opening question…


If you started feeling some emotions you didn’t like…


Or thinking thoughts that made you feel negatively…


Or developed a habit or behaviour that was causing you problems in some way…


Would you know what to do to put a stop to them?


Would you know EXACTLY what you needed to do to free yourself from that thought or feeling or behaviour so that it wasn’t a problem for you any more?


If you’re like most people the answer is “No” because we were never taught this vital skill in school!


Which is why most people are NOT in control of their life as much as they wished they were.


They’re often held hostage to their thoughts or feelings or habits and this negatively impacts them daily.


The good news is there is a solution.


And I want to share it with you today for just $7.


Here’s why…

NLP Saved My Life...

I want to keep this page short so that you read every word…


But, back in 1999, I was in a very dark place…


My marriage had broken down unexpectedly and blindsided me.


I’d lost my wife…my home…and a lot money.


To cope with the pain I turned to drugs and gambling.


I was trying to numb what I felt and I was trying to free my mind from torment.


See, at that time I had ZERO idea how to free myself from the thoughts, feelings and habits that were causing me problems.


And, before long, I was having suicidal thoughts.


One day I woke up, hungover, and remembered that the night before I had drunkenly been sobbing and searching my rented apartment for a rope.


It scared the hell out of me that I’d hit that point.


So I opened up the Yellow Pages and searched for someone who could help me - fast.


One ad stood out to me…


I picked up the phone and called the number…


The guy who had placed the ad, Paul, told me to come to see him right away.


And that very day he helped to get me “unstuck” from the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that were causing me so many problems using something I’d never heard of before - NLP.


I left that one session a changed man.


And decided I wanted to learn the magic he’d just shared with me.

Here’s Why You Should Learn NLP For Yourself…

Don’t for one second think that you need to be as low as I was to benefit from this (and if you are please reach out to someone!).


Instead, realise that NLP teaches you something that, right now, you likely have little to zero control over…


It teaches you tools and techniques that will enable you to have far more control over your feelings, thoughts and habits.


In fact, NLP has often been called “An instruction Manual For Your Brain”.


See, whilst most people have zero idea how to increase confidence, self esteem, happiness, inner peace, calm…


Or how to lower stress, anxiety, overwhelm, anger, sadness, insecurity…


Those with skills in NLP know how to “install” what they want into their life and “uninstall” what they don’t want.


They never need stay stuck with feelings, thoughts and habits that they don’t want because they can just use techniques from the NLP toolbox in order to free themselves.


Think of it like this…


Most peoples brains are like a wild horse…


It roams wherever it wants and, sometimes, causes a bit of carnage because no one is in control of it.


Ah, but those with an understanding of NLP are like the experienced rider who jumps upon that wild horse, calms it, tames it and makes it take them wherever they want to go.


So, the question is, which would you rather your brain was like…


The wild horse which runs wild and can cause all kinds of problems…


…or the tamed, powerful friend working for you rather than against you?


The answer is obvious isn’t it?


Which is why you should sign up and master the exciting and fun NLP skills on offer today!

This Is An Eye Opening Example Of How NLP Works…

The NLP practitioner curriculum, which you can learn today for just $7, is packed to the rafters with easy-to-learn tools, techniques and strategies for freeing yourself from feelings, thoughts and behaviours that you don’t want.


For example…


We’ve all had bad experiences in the past, right?


Experiences that, if you think of them today, make you feel negatively.


Maybe you did something that made you feel embarrassed…or scared…or insecure…or ashamed.


Or maybe it was an experience that blindsided you like my divorce did.


If, when you think of a past memory, it makes you feel negatively in the present, it means there is still a ‘charge’ on that memory.


Well, using NLP, you could take the charge off that memory so that when you think of it you no longer feel negatively.


Crazy right?


But true.


Another example…


If you’re feeling an emotion you don’t want to feel, or have a habit you wish you didn’t have, it’s because of the pictures you are making in your mind (consciously or unconsciously) and the way you are speaking to yourself.


Well, using NLP, you can go in and change that picture or your inner dialogue and the feeling or habit drops away.


In fact, when you sign up to the training, you’ll see me demonstrate this technique by working with someone who has an extreme phobia and you’ll witness me help her to change the pictures she’s making in her mind about what she is scared of.


And you’ll see that, within minutes, literally minutes, she cannot get the negative feeling back that she had previously when she thought of the thing that triggered her phobic response.


She was cured!


That’s the power of NLP!


If you learn it you’ll never need stay stuck with a feeling, thought or habit you don’t want because you’ll know exactly what you need to do to change your emotional state, thought processes or behaviours - in that very moment they arise.


World leading transformational experts like Tony Robbins, Paul McKenna and many more use NLP to create life-altering results in their clients and customers because it works so well.


But it’s usually very expensive to learn. Not anymore…

Why Am I Charging So Little For This When Others Will Charge You Thousands For It?

I’ve told you how low I was before I found NLP.


My brain was very much the untamed wild horse taking me in all kinds of challenging directions.


Once I learned NLP, however, I now had that “instruction manual for the mind”.


I knew exactly what to do anytime a challenge arose in life that made me feel something I didn’t want to feel…think something I didn’t want to think…or do something I didn’t want to do.


It shocked me how unknowingly out of control I’d been for decades of my life because I’d never realised that there were ways to free yourself from being stuck with those feelings, thoughts or behaviours that us humans just don’t want.


So, when my mentor Paul shared NLP with me and it changed my life, I made it my mission to share it with others because I had experienced the sheer power of it.


See, life IS going to throw challenges your way.


But I knew that if people learned NLP they’d live easier, better lives with less stress, worry, insecurity and much more confidence, self esteem, inner calm and control because they’d have the tools to deal with it in the moment.


And so I spent tens of thousands and did all of the trainings necessary to qualify at the highest level of NLP there is before teaching it to others.


At first, I followed the usual model of teaching and certifying 20 or so people a time in NLP at live events and charging thousands for it (even at that price it was worth every penny).


This is how most people teaching and certifying in NLP operate.


But the way I saw it - if I believe in NLP so much - why am I making it so expensive that not everyone can afford it and experience its benefits?


And why am I only teaching it via live events to a limited amount of people?


I knew how powerful NLP was and was therefore felt frustrated that not enough people were able to learn it.


So I transitioned online and charged seven hundred dollars for the exact same information just in digital format so that I could reach far more people.


Today though, I’m on a mission to reach and empower even more people, and I am willing to let you have the same entire training and certification in NLP today for just $7.


Less than two cups of coffee at Starbucks.


Will this make me popular with the other teachers of NLP who still charge thousands for the exact same training and only teach it in live events?




Does it make me proud that I can spread life changing information at a price anyone can afford?


You bet!

Apart From A Rock Bottom Price - Why Learn NLP From Me?

As well as being a father, husband and an average golfer...I was the very first ANLP Accredited Trainer in the world. I was also personally invited by the President of the American Board of Hypnosis, Dr. Tad James, to become an Internationally Accredited Master Trainer of Hypnosis over a decade ago.


More recently was the recipient of the prestigious APCTC Outstanding Achievement Award, 2015 which was for "outstanding contribution to the coaching industry".


In 2018 along with an Enterprise Award for Most Inspirational Life Coach 2018, my book "Joyride" reached No.1 in nine Amazon categories and was voted Best Empowerment Book.


My clients who come to me for help with their thoughts, emotions and behaviours includes olympic gold medalists, professional golfers, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, dancers and people from all walks of life.


According to my clients, my 1K an hour fees are extremely good value when you look at the results they achieve.


"David is an absolute legend of a trainer. Highly recommended". - Tommy Franzen - Strictly Come Dancing, Mamma Mia


My credentials speak for themselves.


And also, this is the ONLY NLP training in the world where you’ll learn the NLP PRESENT technique which shows you how to use movement to change your mental and emotional state.


I’ll put your mind even more at ease in a moment, and remove any risks with you signing up to the training.


First, though, let me tell you exactly what the measly $7 price will get you - I think this is going to blow you away…

(In the "old days" we used to ship CD's and DVD's)


“I have fully audited the NLP Practitioner certification course and found the content to be thorough, well-founded and excellently designed to provide a logical learning-journey that will stimulate learners wanting practical skills in NLP. I can recommend this course.” - Dr Angus McLeod. Author, International Coach & Visiting Professor of Coaching at Birmingham City University. UK

Here’s Just A Fraction Of What You’ll Learn And The Types Of “Superpower” Skills On Offer For Just $7…

When you sign up, for just $7, you’ll get immediate access to an online training portal.


In the “old days”, when I used to charge thousands for this exact training, you’d be shipped a giant manual and CD’s and DVD’s. The box created a real thud when it was delivered that’s for sure!


But with the beauty of technology you can now gain access to everything digitally and immediately (I’d have never have been able to offer things at this price back when I used to send out physical versions of the training - the printing alone used to cost me nearly a hundred dollars per copy!).


Inside the training portal you will work your way through a series of videos and audio training, along with a little light reading, and learn how to powerfully become the master of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.


The training is permanently yours and you can work through it at your own pace.


Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn inside of this powerful and fun training…


  • How your beliefs, values and identity work to create your emotions and behaviour.
  • What the unconscious mind is, why it tries to protect you and how that causes challenges.
  • How to turn off internal dialogue and thoughts that are causing you problems using your eyes.
  • What submodalities are and how to use them to increase or decrease the power of any thought or feeling or behaviour.
  • How to turn anything you like into something you dislike and anything you dislike into something you like (this is ideal for changing things like “a chocolate addiction” or foods and drinks you don’t want to like anymore because you know they’re not healthy for you).
  • Examples of how to transform your feeling state at any moment using cognitive reframing.
  • Mastering the art of anchoring so at at any point you can transform a negative feeling into a positive one by ‘tricking’ your brain to change.
  • When and how to use the Circle Of Excellence to feel superhuman levels of confidence (this one is used by elite athletes!).
  • The ‘Personal History’ technique to change negative memories from the past that trouble you in the present.
  • How to become aware of how you speak to yourself in your head - and how to use intonation and language to change it anytime you want to change a feeling or behaviour.
  • A process for overcoming inner conflicts that are causing fears and anxieties.
  • The Meta-Model and how it will help you to get to the root cause of what is really standing between you and how you want to feel and act.
  • What the TOTE model is and why using it will enable you to act and feel like people who you admire the most.
  • A simple process for overcoming any phobia in minutes by changing the pictures you are making in your head.
  • Perceptual Positions, how to use them and why they can help you to overcome conflicts with yourself and others with ease.
  • Expand the limited model of the world you have so you can see a whole new level of exciting potential and possibility in the future
  • How to transform your self image so you see yourself in a way that leads to natural feelings of inner peace and calm.


And a whole lot more!


By the time you have completed the training you’ll be a world class expert in how to change the minds, behaviours, emotions, habits and feelings of anyone on the planet - including yourself!


Here’s a question for you…


Do you think the world would be a better place if there was an army of “superheroes with superpowers” like the above who were able to rewire themselves and also able to help friends and  family overcome their battles and blocks too?


Of course there would. And I dearly hope you’ll be one of them.


So if you’re excited by the thought of transforming yourself and others, and are ready to begin an exciting new adventure, there’s only one last thing for me to mention…

At Just $7 Can You Afford NOT To Sign Up? Especially Considering This No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee…

Listen, you could probably spend the next few hours scouring the street floor or checking down the side of the sofa and find $7.


You can certainly sacrifice a cup of coffee at Starbucks, which is a spend you’ll never get back, in order to be able to invest in high value skills like these that will benefit you for a lifetime.


Regardless of what a low investment this is I do realise that, for some, buying anything from a stranger is uncomfortable. And that’s why we offer a no-questions asked money back guarantee…


If, for any reason at all, you’re not happy with your purchase, simply email my support team on the email address you receive emails from when you sign up and they’ll refund your money in full.


No questions asked.


So the way I see it you can take a zero risk chance on an exciting new adventure where you’ll learn how to free yourself from negative feelings, thoughts and behaviours that will arise throughout your life…


…or you can choose to do nothing, spend $7 on something else and potentially miss out on a new you and a new skillset that will make the rest of your life easier.


Not a hard decision is it?


Click below, sign up and access your fun, easy-to-learn training immediately…

Ready To Join Over 71,000 People Around The World Who Have Become The Masters Of Their Feelings, Thoughts And Behaviours? Click The Button Below For Immediate Access And Sign Up For A One Time Payment Of $7. Includes 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

This special discount is only available to you for the next 48 hours before our clever software removes it permanently and you will have to pay the usual full price of nearly $600


Some Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for $7?


Immediate access to a complete NLP Practitioner online educational platform containing over 32 hours of world class and peer reviewed training that will give you everything you need master your own thoughts, emotions and behaviours.


Is it a one time payment of $7 or are there any hidden charges?


No hidden charges. No slimy tactics. It’s a one time payment of $7. That’s it!


How do I get my certification? (Optional)


Sign up, go through the training once in full and then a second time taking notes. If you wish to be certified then complete our online test questions. Providing you pass you can request your FREE pdf. certificate. If you have to retake some of the questions remember you get lifetime access and can retake the test as many times as you need to.


How long will it take me to complete the training?


You can work at your own pace. Some people like to go through the training in a week. Some take longer. This isn’t a race. It’s about a fun, enjoyable learning experience where you will master knowledge that very few people on this planet ever will! 


What if I don’t think the $7 was worth it?


We’ll give you your money back! It’s that simple. But we think you’ll be hooked and blown away by the content and excitement of a new adventure!


If this is so good - why is it so cheap?


The honest truth is this training is currently selling elsewhere for £175 and has sold in the past for $697. We are running this test to see if people will buy at this price point but we are fully aware some might think “If this is so cheap it can’t be very good”. We all know you get what you pay for - most of the time.


Remember, though, that my mission is to disrupt the personal development industry by ensuring the opportunists don’t ruin our industry with overpriced, poor quality training. So sign up and see for yourself that this has a very, very real value far, far beyond what you will pay.


It’s risk free remember!


If I don’t sign up today will I be able to sign up later?


Possibly. If this test doesn’t work out, sadly, we will have to raise the price or pull the offer completely so I cannot promise that.

Join A Growing Movement Of People Who Are Mastering Their Thoughts, Behaviours And Emotions Today And Start An Exciting New Adventure Immediately…

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This special discount is only available to you for the next 48 hours before our clever software removes it permanently and you will have to pay the usual full price of nearly $600



David is an absolute legend of a trainer. Highly Recommended.





Tommy Franzen

Dancer & Choreographer - Strictly Come Dancing / Mamma Mia

I am lucky enough to have worked with David both at his live events and on his online programmes. The guidance, knowledge, and unique understanding I gained shape everything I do with my coaching business.


Anthony Astbury

CEO, Whole Man Academy

David's course opened up an infinite number of ways for me to get the life I want, right now, today, and in the future. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in search of a new professional career or for those who simply want a happier life. Thank You!

Lucia Pohrebnyak

Entrepreneur and Coach

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