The 3P Coaching Approach

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How To Become A High End Coach Capable Of Changing Lives With A Simple Conversation And Without Having To Learn Any Complex Techniques By Using The Fascinating But Little Known 3P Coaching Approach


(Plus find out why Hollywood stars, celebrities, athletes, high flying entrepreneurs and everyday folk too are desperately hiring 3P coaches for 1K an hour or more!)

Presented By David Key

Whether you love the idea of becoming a coach and want to learn a shortcut to your dream business, or whether you're an established coach who wants to skyrocket their client base and skill level, this free class is for you!

You're going to learn...

  • The Dream Business: Why you should consider becoming a coach if you would love to change lives whilst running your business from home, a coffee shop or even the beach! 
  • Why Coaches Are In High Demand: The 5 emotionally crushing regrets people go to their deathbed with (and how to be paid handsomely to help others avoid them!)
  • My Latest Evolution: The weird but fascinating story of how I discovered the worlds simplest coaching model which changes a clients entire life WITHOUT any complex techniques, strategies or models to remember
  • "Avoiding The Ouch": How to avoid the embarrassing mistake that had the “greatest psychological mind of our time” teach me why most coaches don’t get the results their clients dream of (this is why multi millionaires, celebrities and sports stars now hire me)
  • The Shortcut Process: A simple 4 step process you can just copy that got me 1K an hour coaching clients (it’s the almost exact opposite of what most struggling coaches are doing)
  • Cutting Edge Coaching: The coaching model I've been using that is EASIER and more EFFECTIVE at changing clients lives than any other coaching model I have ever used (And how to learn it yourself)
  • A Complete Blueprint: What you should do over the next six months if you want to change your trajectory forever and escape the feeling of life passing you by and "there's got to be more than this".


If you love the idea of being able to run a fun, impactful business from anywhere on the planet and being paid to change peoples lives, or if you want to take your current coaching practice to a level you might now only be able to dream of, click the button below and sign up today. 


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